How Pawning Works

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Pawning allows you to receive quick cash in exchange for your valuable items as collateral. The maximum initial pawn period in Singapore is 6 months and interest rate is set at 1.5{e5da26dee11e453bcd304c82bbebfc252744944c4ecfdbdf6510fc20dc0d9260} per month based on the pawned value. For loan amounts above S$200, a purchase receipt or guarantor is required. Customers must be 16 years old and above.

Assuming the cash loan given to you is S$100, when you redeem it 6 months later, the interest payable is S$9 bases on the calculation of 1.5{e5da26dee11e453bcd304c82bbebfc252744944c4ecfdbdf6510fc20dc0d9260} x 6 months x S$100. Total amount payable will be S$109. Likewise if you redeem your article 4 months later, the interest payable will be S$6.

We believe that your pawned items might be of sentimental value to you and it is our interest to remind you to collect your pawned items before expiry via phone calls and mails. If you are unable to collect your pawned valuables, you can renew your pawn tickets upon expiry for an extension of another six months period by just paying the required interest amount for your pawned ticket.

Installment Plan
Bedok Pawnshop offers a unique installment plan for your pledged items that works in your best favour as you can pay back your loan in installments. After 2 months of your pledge, if you have excess cash and would like to pay back a portion of your loan, you can do so. A new pawn ticket will be issued to you with the new loan amount reflected, and this pawn ticket will then be valid for the next 6 months.

Re-Valuation of Pawn Ticket
In the event whereby you need to obtain more cash, we are able to revalue your pledged items and will try our best to give you a higher value on your items depending on market condition and the prevailing gold price.

Unredeemed Pawned Items
In any unforeseen circumstances whereby our customers have not redeemed or renewed their valuables after 6 months, the Registry Pawnbroker Act requires the pawnbrokers to place the unredeemed pledges on auction and any excess cash from the auction will be returned to the customers.

Lost Of Pawn Ticket
Customers who lose their pawn ticket can easily obtain a replacement ticket from us. Simply visit our store with their identity card to obtain the “Lost Declaration Form”. The form will then be presented to any of our recommended certified law firm in Singapore to be endorsed by the company lawyer. Lost ticket will be replaced with a new ticket upon receiving the “Lost Declaration Form” from our customers.