Loan Amount
Pawn Duration in Months

*Interest per month 1.5%
1% interest available for 1st month

Spot Gold & Silver Price

How pawning works?

Just 4 easy steps to turn your valuables into instant loans!
Step 1 - Bring in your valuables to us for a valuation.

procedure of pawning1

Step 2 - Our friendly staffs will give a fair valuation.

procedure of pawning2

Step 3 – Upon agreement, we will issue a pawn ticket clearly stated
with the pawn amount, items pawned and weight of your valuables.

pawn ticket eng

Step 4 – After clear explanation of Terms and Conditions, pawn ticket and cash will be issued to the pawner.

handling money

Standard Pawn Contracts Rules

    Interest charge = Loan amount x 1.5% per month

    Come in anytime within 6 months to renew your ticket or to redeem your items
. To renew your ticket, please pay us the 1.5% per month interest and extend your validity for another 6 months. 
To redeem (take out) your items, please pay us the (1.5% per month interest + loan amount)

    e.g. You take a loan amount of $100. 
To renew after 6 months = ($100 x 1.5% per month) x 6 months = $9.00
. To redeem (take out) after 6 months = [($100 x 1.5% per month) x 6 months] + loan amount = $109.

    E.g. Your valuables might be worth $100 at the time of pawning but you only need to temporary pawn it for $50 to tide over your money crisis. After 1 month later, you realized you need more cash. Come back to us with your pawn ticket, we will verify if you are the pawner. Our friendly staff will advise if the items can top up to the $100 (provided if it still worth $100 at the point of valuation).
 All you have to do is to pay us 1 month interest ($50 x 1.5% per month = $0.75) and we will give you another $50 and we will print a fresh pawn ticket of $100. (Please bear in mind that your interest will be higher as you have top up the loan amount. ($100 x 1.5% per month = $1.50

    We also provide installment payment. Eg. You pawn for $100. 1 month later , you come back to us and request to reduce the pawn amount to $80. All you have to do is bring your pawn ticket, pay us the interest of ($100 x 1.5% per month = $1.50) plus $20 (total of $21.50) to reduce the pawn amount to $80. Therefore your next interest payment is lower ($80 x 1.5% per month = $1.20).

    For other services or special requests, you may come to visit us and make enquiries.